• 1 Vehicles: one of our road trains
  • 2 Operations: docking of a bitumen ship
  • 3 Tank Farms: fuels - light and heavy fuel oil, lubricants
  • 4 Operations: bunker of maxy-yacht (Nadara 43, Tecnomar shipyard)
  • 5 Tank Farms: bitumen
  • 6 Vehicles: one of our semi-trailers
  • 7 Tank Farms: bitumen
  • 8 Tank Farms: fuels - light and heavy fuel oil, lubricants
  • 9 Vehicles: one of our trucks
  • Lubricants
  • Fuels
  • Fuel Oil
  • Bitumens
  • IP
  • BASF

A-H   I-Z
Product Name Code Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet Product Name Code Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
Antifreeze IP2700 pdf pdf - - - -
Antifreeze Red IP2760 pdf pdf L
Atella B 15 IP8000 pdf pdf Litio Filante 475 IP7030 pdf pdf
Athesia 00 IP7080 - pdf M
Athesia EP 2 IP7092 pdf pdf Magella AL


pdf pdf
Athesia EP 3 IP7093 pdf Magella PI IP4850 pdf pdf
Athesia GR 0 IP7010 - pdf Mellana Oil 68 IP4431 pdf pdf
Athesia GR 1 IP7011 - pdf Mellana Oil 100 IP4438 pdf
Autofluid FR IP2710 pdf pdf Mellana Oil 150 IP4432 pdf
Autogrease CH IP2600 pdf pdf Mellana Oil 220 IP4433 pdf
Autogrease FD IP2610 pdf pdf Mellana Oil 320 IP4434 pdf
Autogrease MP IP2620 - pdf Mellana Oil 460 IP4435 pdf
Autogrease MP 2 IP2621 pdf pdf Mellana Oil 680 IP4437 pdf
Axia D SAE 10W-20 IP3004 pdf pdf Metaura PA IP4901 pdf pdf
Axia D SAE 30 IP3007 pdf Metaura PFT IP5981 pdf pdf
Axia D SAE 40 IP3008 pdf Mix Plus 2 IP2302 pdf pdf
B Monilia TN IP5030 pdf pdf
Bantia HG ISO 32 IP5805 pdf pdf Multigrade SAE 10W-30 IP2151 - pdf
Bantia HG ISO 68 IP5806 pdf N
Bantia G ISO 220 IP5807 pdf - - - -
Bantia R ISO 100 IP5812 pdf pdf O
Bimol Grease 481 IP7300 pdf pdf - - - -
Blu Supermix IP2331 - pdf P
C Pontiax SAE 80W-90 IP2401 pdf pdf
- - - - Pontiax DB SAE 80W IP2400 pdf pdf
D Pontiax FZG SAE 80W-90 IP2412 pdf pdf
Dualgrade SAE 20W-30 IP2100 pdf pdf Pontiax HD SAE 80W-90 IP2423 pdf pdf
Dualgrade SAE 40-50 IP2101 pdf Pontiax HD SAE 85W-140 IP2424 pdf
Duo X SAE 15W-40 IP2170 pdf pdf Pontiax HD DB SAE 85W-90 IP2421 pdf pdf
E Pontiax HDS SAE 75W-90 IP2450 pdf pdf
Ecoblu 100 IP2770 pdf pdf Pontiax HS SAE 75W-80 IP2455 pdf pdf
Ecoblu -40 IP2780 pdf pdf Pontiax LS SAE 85W-90 IP2440 pdf pdf
Extraraid 4 (SAE 15W-50) IP2273 pdf pdf Pontiax TC SAE 30 IP2460 pdf pdf
F Pro GPX 2 IP2381 pdf pdf
F.A. SAE 5W IP2541 pdf pdf Q
F.A. SAE 20W IP2542 pdf - - - -
F.C. SAE 75W-90 IP2447 pdf pdf R
Falesia 46 IP4702 pdf pdf Rudiax Oil S SAE 30 IP3106 pdf pdf
Falesia 68 IP4704 pdf Rudiax Oil S SAE 40 IP3107 pdf
FF IP2790 pdf pdf S
Flusor BHS   pdf pdf Scooter 2 IP2363 pdf pdf
Flusor BHS 41 IP5211 pdf Scooter 4 SAE 10W-40 IP2274 pdf pdf
Flusor BHS 42 IP5212 pdf pdf Sintiax 505 Exclusive SAE 5W-40 IP2013 pdf pdf
Flusor BME   pdf pdf Sintiax 506 Exclusive SAE 0W-30 IP2014 pdf pdf
Flusor BME 1 IP5221 Sintiax 507 Exclusive SAE 5W-30 IP2015 pdf pdf
Flusor BME 11 IP5222 pdf pdf Sintiax Full SAE 5W-40 IP2017 pdf pdf
Fornola Oil 30 IP5660 pdf pdf Sintiax Motor Oil Excel SAE 5W-40 IP2113 pdf pdf
Fornola Oil ISO 120 IP5674 pdf pdf Sintiax Motor Oil Extreme 0W-30 IP2112 pdf pdf
G Sintiax Motor Oil Max SAE 5W-50 IP2111 - pdf
Geo Ecoguard IP6871 pdf pdf Sontiax Motor Oil Racing SAE 10W-60 IP2020 - pdf


IP6880 pdf pdf Sintiax Motor Oil Techno SAE 10W-40 IP2012 pdf pdf
Geo Pontiax TG IP2480 pdf pdf Sintiax Motor Oil Techno SAE 10W40 TD IP3112 pdf pdf
Geo Pontiax TR IP2431 pdf pdf SMO Multigrade (Benzina) SAE 15W-40 IP2161 - pdf
Geo Rura Mix IP2341 pdf pdf Special Grease EP IP2640 pdf pdf
Geo Rura Tractor SAE 20W-40 IP3200 pdf pdf Super Motor Oil Multigrade SAE 20W-50 IP2281 pdf pdf
Geo Silvium BIO IP4110 pdf pdf Super Motor Oil Multigrade Diesel SAE 15W-40 IP3331 pdf pdf
Geo Uno SAE 15W-40 IP3210 pdf pdf Super Plus Motor Oil SAE 15W-40 IP2291 - pdf
H Superaxia H.C. SAE 20W-50 IP3341 - pdf
Hermea ISO 32 IP4212 pdf pdf Superaxia Plus SAE 15W-40 IP3340 pdf pdf
Hermea ISO 68 IP4214 pdf Superbike 4 SAE 5W-40 IP2263 pdf pdf
Hermea ISO 100 IP4216 pdf T
Hermea ISO 220 IP4219 pdf Taurus Turbo SAE 15W-40 IP3300 pdf pdf
Hermea ISO 320 IP4222 pdf Taurus Turbo EXTRA SAE 15W-40 IP3301 pdf pdf
Herzia 32 IP4300 pdf pdf Taurus Turbo Extra RF SAE 15W-40 IP3321 pdf pdf
Herzia 46 IP4301 pdf Taurus Turbo Plus SAE 10W-40 IP3380 pdf pdf
Herzia 68 IP4302 pdf Taurus Turbo RF SAE 15W-40 IP3320 pdf pdf
Hydrus HI 32 IP4020 pdf pdf Taurus Turbo Ultra 10W-40 IP3310 pdf pdf
Hydrus HI 46 IP4021 pdf Taurus Turbo Synthetic SAE 5W-30 IP3302 pdf pdf
Hydrus HI 68 IP4023 pdf Telesia ISO 150 IP5830 pdf pdf
Hydrus Oil ISO 32 IP4004 pdf pdf Telesia ISO 220 IP5831 pdf
Hydrus Oil ISO 46 IP4005 pdf Telesia ISO 320 IP5832 pdf
Hydrus Oil ISO 68 IP4006 pdf Top Race 2 IP2311 pdf pdf
Hydrus Oil ISO 100 IP4007 pdf Top Scooter 4 SAE 15W-50 IP2262 pdf pdf
Hydrus Oil ISO 220 IP4009 pdf Transmission Fluid Dx 850 IP2531 pdf pdf
Hydrus SZ ISO VG 46 IP4050 pdf pdf Transmission Fluid III IP2532 pdf pdf
Hydrus SZ ISO VG 68 IP4051 pdf Transmission Fluid IP2520 pdf pdf
        - - - -
        Venusia ISO 32 IP4030 pdf pdf
        Venusia ISO 46 IP4031 pdf
        Venusia ISO 68 IP4032 pdf
        Venusia H.I. SF - pdf pdf
        Venusia SF - pdf pdf
        Veretum 46 IP4631 pdf pdf
        Veretum Oil ISO 32 IP4630 pdf
        Veretum Oil 150 IP4640 pdf
        Viniola 15 IP8070 pdf pdf
        Viniola SOL 68 IP8040 pdf

Nome Prodotto Codice Scheda Tecnica Scheda di Sicurezza   Nome Prodotto Codice Scheda Tecnica Scheda di Sicurezza
AdBlue AdBlue pdf pdf        

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Manufacturer 50/70 70/100 Modified Soft Modified Medium Modified Hard Safety Data Sheet
Eni pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf -
Iplom pdf pdf - - - pdf
Total pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf -
Api-IP pdf - - - -

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